Winter blues? Spruce up your home


From the LivingFirst Blog:  Be productive during the long winter days.  Spruce up your home with these top five projects.  Even better,  Allstate Insurance reported that these projects give you the most bang for your buck while increasing the value of your home

Top 5 Budget Home Projects:

1.  Break out the brushes

And the rollers, plastic drapes, and tape.  Nothing brightens a room better than paint.  Punch some color in a room to brighten those drab winter days.  Try a small sample can of color before investing in a large supply.

2.  Set the mood

Lighting can create ambiance of the home.  A warm glow can relax you after a long day at work.  A bright reading light can keep you from squinting and harming your eyesight.

3. Caulk it

Your bathrooms, kitchens, exterior windows and any cracks in the building can use a bead of caulk to prevent leakage of water and air.

4. Tidy up

Pack up those old clothes in your closets and piles of unwanted toys and donate them to charity or hold a yard sale.  If you opt for the yard sale, set the proceeds aside for a family event, like a weekend getaway or dinner night out.

5. New hardware

Put some bling on your kitchen and bathroom cabinets and drawers to add shine to your most frequently used rooms.

What home projects do you get done during the winter?

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