Team member profile: Christie Loveless


Christie Loveless, CMCA®, AMS®, Community Manager

In April, Christie will celebrate her 15th year with SFMC.  In those 15 years, she has answered phones, worked as an administrative assistant, was promoted to an executive assistant position to Kathy Simonovich, SFMC President, and then five years ago became a community manager.

Christie has seen the company through years of steady growth.  She started at SFMC in the developing years.

She said, “I liked the vibe that I felt during my initial interview.”

She loves the team environment in the office, where everyone works together.  She has a lot of pride in SFMC.  Christie believes that SFMC’s competitive edge in the industry is it’s people.

“We’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done,” said Christie.

Her dedication to her clients stems from her outgoing personality and her love of helping people.

In her free time, she’s a member of the Yorkshire Volunteer Fire Department in Manassas, Va.  She’s been with them for 20 years and is currently the president of their board.

Christie said, “A lot of people skydive or bungee jump for adrenaline.  This is what I do for adrenaline and on top of that I get the rewarding experience of helping people in their time of need.”

Christie applies her experience with the fire department and her love of helping people to her work at SFMC.  Her community involvement contributes to her being a great asset to SFMC.


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