HOA Pro Tip: Your Disclosure Package

At SFMC News, we want you to get the most out of living in an HOA.  We will now offer a series of “HOA Pro tips” that are designed to help you — the homeowner.

The first tip is possibly the most important of them all.  In our research at SFMC, we’ve discovered that the main cause for concern or complaint is a simple lack of communication and understanding.  This can be fixed easily with one simple tool: Your disclosure packet.

When you move into an HOA, you are given a disclosure packet which outlines the bylaws and procedures of your association.  Though it may not seem like exciting reading, it is full of very important information that you are likely to need.

Many managers would agree that the majority of problems that their homeowners face could easily be prevented by taking time to read and ask questions about their disclosure packages.

So remember, homeowners, if you haven’t taken the time to look through that disclosure package,  now’s the time!

Leave a comment to tell us about a time if the disclosure packet helped you!

About SFMC News

Premier commercial and residential community association management company in the Washington DC Metro Area for over 16 years.

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