St. Patty’s Day Games for Kids

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Along with fantastic recipes for Irish-themed dishes that the whole family would love, Betty Crocker provided some great game ideas for kids.

Since St. Patrick’s day is rapidly approaching, we wanted to give you these ideas just in time to prepare.

Pin the Pot of Gold on the Rainbow

Use a poster board to draw a large rainbow.  Print and cut out small pots of gold like this one or draw your own and make sure everyone has their name on his or hers.

Attach the rainbow to a wall.

Spin each blindfolded participant around three times, point them toward the rainbow with a piece of tape attached to the back of their pot of gold.  Whoever gets closest to the end (or ends) of the rainbow wins.

Gold Coin Hunt
Hide gold foil-covered chocolate coins outside or inside, depending on weather and space considerations.
Plan for roughly a dozen coins per guest. If you have a mix of older and younger kids, be sure to make some easily accessible to smaller participants.  Warn the older children ahead of time not to take the “easy ones.”  Send each kid hunting with a personalized paper bag in hand.
Make decorating this bag with stamps and stickers a pre-hunt activity.

“Irish” Hot Potato
Have the children form a circle, either seated or standing.
Whether you use a beanbag, soft ball or an actual potato, tell the kids to pretend it’s very, very hot, so pass it on as soon as possible.  To avoid conflict and/or injury, have the children pass the “hot potato” to the person to their right.  Have someone who isn’t facing the group be in charge of playing Irish music on a CD or iPod.  Have them stop it at random intervals.  Whoever’s holding the “potato” when the music stops is eliminated.  The winner gets to be in charge of the music in the next round (or you can provide a small prize).

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