Spring Cleaning? Uh Oh…

Photo Source: allthingsd.com

Photo Source: allthingsd.com

As we prepare for spring, we start to think of ways to spruce up our homes.  This usually means it’s time for cleaning.
After you’ve spent a week trying to find ways to avoid it, use this list to help get yourself on track.

In anticipation of spring allergies, now is the time to take care of the dust in your home.  Start with larger items like tables and shelves and as you do those, make sure to thoroughly dust the smaller items that sit on them.  Another area that collects dusts is underneath items that are slightly raised from the floor like beds or TV stands.  Also, be sure to remember your bookshelves.  Take the time to take each book out and thoroughly dust it so it doesn’t collect over the years.  Other forgotten places are the tops of hanging picture frames, so don’t forget those.

Winter is a time for baking and cooking and sometimes we over-stock our cabinets.  When it comes time for spring cleaning, it’s important to go through your pantries and make sure to get rid of things that have expired.  It’s also a good time to make sure nothing has spilled or made a mess in the cabinets.

Your household curtains are one of the last things you’d think about when it comes time to clean, but washing them can add brightness to a room and it can eliminate dust and germs that accumulate over the winter months.

Separate Winter and Spring/Summer Clothing
This may be an easier task for families with lots of storage space, but one of the best ways to eliminate winter clutter is to separate your seasonal clothing pieces.  If it’s still going to be cold for awhile, you may want to skip this until the weather is consistently warmer.  Either that, or store your winter clothes in a very accessible place.

Desk Space
At home or at the office, desks can be “catch-alls” for papers that we may not really need.  If you’re spring cleaning, go through whatever is on your desk and make sure you aren’t holding on to things you don’t need.

We hope these tips help!  Leave us a comment with your spring cleaning “Go-To’s.”

By Adrianna, LivingFirst Contributor

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