We’re All A’Twitter

Social Media is one of the fastest growing ways to access and distribute information.  Being able to utilize this to better serve our communities was the number-one reason that SFMC chose to begin blogging and Tweeting.  What better way to serve our customers than by being able to give them up-to-the-minute updates about their communities in a highly accessible format?

We understand the need for convenient information and we believe that our communities deserve to have their information given to them in a personal way.  By blogging, we are able to keep you updated on what goes on at SFMC.  This will become helpful when it comes time to provide you with documents or news about communities.

With our LivingFirst blog, we are providing another level of information with recipes, craft ideas, and family activities.  This type of information is important, because we care about families.

We understand the importance of connecting via Twitter, which is why we started an account @SFMCinc.  In the future, this can be used to send out information to all of our customers if needed.  For those of you who don’t have Twitter, here’s a key to help you understand Twitter lingo:

Tweet – A message you send out, which is limited to 140 characters

Follower – Twitter user who subscribes to your tweets

Retweet – When another user shares your original post on his/her page

Unfollow – When a user unsubscribes from your network

Mention – Including an “@username” at the start of a Tweet to contact that particular user

DM – Abbreviation for “Direct Message,” a private message sent between two users

Hashtag – A keyword or phrase preceded by the pound (#) sign.  Clicking on the hashtag connects you to a page that lists all tweets including that hashtag

Engagement – A string of responses and exchanges with another user

Feed – A list of tweets, in chronological order

URL Shortener – Abbraviations, or microversions for URLs to help you stay within 140 character limit in tweets

Trend – Popular hashtags

We are very appreciative of everyone who follows us on social media.  You are helping us continue to put service first.

About SFMC News

Premier commercial and residential community association management company in the Washington DC Metro Area for over 16 years.

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