Tips for a Great Memorial Day Neighborhood Cookout

Grilling at summer weekend

Memorial Day Weekend is upon us and there’s still time to plan a great neighborhood cookout with help from all your guests.

First, organize your guest list.  Instead of mailing invites, you can deliver them door-to-door, create an email chain, or you could send a mass Facebook message.  Make sure to clarify on your invites that it’s going to be a potluck and create a list of things for people to “sign up” to bring.  

As the host, it’s pretty much a given that you’ll handle the main course and the preparation of the main couse.  Traditional cookout foods such as burgers and hot dogs are usually crowd pleasers.  If you have people with dietary restrictions, you could offer to supply substitutions or just say that you’ll prepare whatever they bring.

For a potluck, create two or three options that your guests can choose from such as “sides,” “desserts,” or “chips and dips.”  As for drinks, you can suggest that your guests volunteer to bring sodas and waters and you can provide the ice.  If you plan on serving alcohol, pick one or two items that you’ll provide and suggest that if guests have a preferred beverage, they can bring that along as well.

When it comes to planning a cookout, eliminate needless stress by not focusing too much on the decorations.  How often do you attend a cookout and think, “That party was amazing because the tablecloth was so cool!”  People are more concerned with food and friends than they are with how many red, white, and blue crepe decorations you have hanging up.  We recommend keeping it very simple with solid red, white, and/or blue tablecloths for all the tables you plan to be using.  Most stores will have specials on Memorial Themed paper plates and napkins, too.  Balloons and other decorations can only really be used once and don’t make the difference in the success of your party anyway.

Whatever you decide to do, be sure to make the most of this long weekend!

Leave us your party planning tips in the comments section.


By Adrianna, LivingFirst Contributor 



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