Decorating Tips to Welcome Your Own Little Prince or Princess


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In anticipation of The Royal Baby, we decided to compile a list of ideas to help you decorate for your own little prince or princess. has lots of ideas ranging from different color schemes to “How-To” videos.

We chose our favorite decorating ideas and we want to share them with you.

  • For an inexpensive way to decorate walls, frame pages from old children’s books.  If you don’t want to ruin your own, search yard sales and bargain book sales for your favorites.
  • As children become mobile, you never know what might get dirty.  The best advice is to keep everything in the room easy to clean and durable.  For floors, large inexpensive rugs over either hardwood or the wall-to-wall carpet will insure that the surfaces stay clean for years and years.
  • Add a dimmer switch to the nursery.  This will not only save on your electric bill, but it will help your child distinguish from bright “playtime” and a dimmer “bedtime story” or “calm down” time.
  • For quick diaper changing, keep diapers unopened in a basket or drawer that’s easily reached from where you stand at your changing table.  That way, there’s less fumbling.  Do the same with all necessary powders and ointments.  Keep a change of clothes there too, just in case.
  • Use painters tape to create vertical stripes on the walls using soft colors.  As the child gets older and prefers one color over the other, you can just paint over it with the one they like best.

While you’re keeping an eye out for the Royal Baby, leave us a comment and tell us how you decorated your children’s rooms.

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