SFMC’s secret weapon: Kathy Simonovich

SFMC President, Kathy Simonovich

Kathy Simonovich, SFMC President

Since starting with SFMC in 1998, Kathy Simonovich has been essential to the growth and success of the company.  Prior to coming to SFMC, she had worked in the building development industry where she did some property management.  After meeting George at a previous employer, she was asked to join him as he was building SFMC.  Kathy remembers how things were when she first came to SFMC.

“When I joined SFMC, we had 18 properties.  George and I managed all the properties by ourselves.”

Along with splitting property management duties, Kathy was responsible for anything office-related. That is how she ended up on the path to becoming company president.

“I was the office person and I managed the people.  George was always very good at the consulting work, dealing with the developers, and the accounting.  I think the goal was not just for me to be a manager, but to run the office and grow the organization.”

And she has definitely accomplished that goal!  SFMC attributes much success to Kathy’s hard work and dedication. When she’s not at work, she likes to spend time with her family.

“Outside of the office, my focus has always been my family, my children and now I have my  grandson. That’s what’s important to me right now in my life — being able to spend time with them.”

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Premier commercial and residential community association management company in the Washington DC Metro Area for over 16 years.

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