Oh, Poo!

"It's not my fault you forgot the bag..." Photo via lolsad.com

“It’s not my fault you forgot the bag…”
Photo via lolsad.com

Homeowners everywhere have probably experienced a “pet waste” problem at least once or twice.  When asked about community complaints, SFMC managers all cite it as being one of the most common.

Nothing ruins the fun of the outdoors quite like a pet owner choosing not to clean up after their dog.  It’s unsightly and it’s a health hazard.  Pet waste can play host to various types of bacteria, so leaving it around puts humans and other pets at risk.  Not to mention, it’s just plain gross.

The August edition of CAI’s “Quorum” features an article by David Jensen (Pet Waste Management Expert with “DoodyCalls”) with tips for improved “pet etiquette.”

  • “When taking your own dog for a walk, always keep a couple pickup bags with you.”
    Even if your pet doesn’t have to go, if you see a neighbor has forgotten their own bag, you can offer them one.
  • “Make use of community pet waste stations for bag pick up and drop off.”
    Those stations are there for you.  By using them, you’re contributing to the betterment of the community.
  • “If you forget a bag and your dog does do his business, don’t forget about the waste.”
    Just because you don’t have a bag with you does not mean that you are no longer responsible.  Be sure to grab a bag at the nearest waste station and go back for the waste.
  • “If you find a station in disrepair or in need of servicing, notify your community manager.”
    By keeping all waste stations in working order, it will encourage your neighbors to use them and keep the community clean.

By following these rules, communities will be a safer and cleaner place to live and play.  If you notice someone is consistently ignoring the rules, do not confront them yourself.  Be sure to submit a complaint, in writing, to your community manager.

Have you ever had a pet waste problem?  How did your community handle it?  Share in our comments section!

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