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Let’s talk about new neighbors.

Whether you live in an HOA that has an actual “Welcome Committee” or you just want to get to know new neighbors as they arrive in the community, it’s a good way to build community spirit.

In old movies, you can see throngs of residents flocking to the new neighbor’s home with casseroles and desserts.  Nowadays, people just don’t have time for that.  However, if you notice people moving in, why not take a few minutes and try out one of our tips?

  • Have a game night and extend the invite to your new neighbors.
  • Send them a handwritten note or card welcoming them to the community.  You’d be surprised just how meaningful a little personal mail can be.
  • Make a basket of things relevant to the community such as small gift cards for local stores.  If a bunch of neighbors contribute, it can end up pretty inexpensive.
  • If you see that the new neighbors have children, extend the invite for a playground or park play date.  The parents can get to know one another and it’ll make it easier for the new kids to make some friends.
  • If there are events already happening in the community, be sure to extend a personal invite to the new neighbors so they know what’s happening.  Sometimes during a move, people don’t have time to check out community calendars.  A community event is a good way to help the new family get acclimated.
  • Try the old standard: Make a dish and take it over.  Try and do a little recon-work first, though.  Nowadays people have so many dietary restrictions, it’s better to ask first.

Those are just some simple ideas to get you started.  What does your neighborhood do?  Let us know!

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