Back to School Blues

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For many, today ends the first week of school after a long summer vacation.  This means that kids all around are returning to their routines.  This could also mean that there are plenty of tired and cranky kids around.

So how do you beat the back to school blues?  We came up with a few hints to make it easier while your “back-to-schoolers” are adjusting.

-Insist on an early bedtime.  Even if it’s just for the first couple weeks, their bodies and their brains need to rest so they can process all the new things they’re doing and learning.

-Have a protein-packed snack waiting for them when they get home.  Whether you make it the night before or you’re there to make it for them when they get home, it’ll give them the energy.  They’re going to need it to tackle homework assignments and extracurriculars.

-Encourage them to talk about their days.  Ask specific questions about their schoolwork and their classmates.  The more kids talk about their days, the more they are able to adjust to the routine in their head.  It’s also helpful to get a feel for how they’re adjusting to teachers and curriculum.  That way you’ll know if you need to get them extra help — like a tutor.

-Insist on a well-balanced breakfast.  Even if it means waking everyone up a little earlier, it’s important that they eat a healthy breakfast before starting off to school.  It keeps them energized and ready to learn and with varying lunch schedules, it’s important that they don’t get too hungry before lunchtime.

Do you have any back to school tips?  Share in our comments section!

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