10 rules to follow for community safety

No matter where you live — city, suburb, or the country — remember some simple safety rules.  Historically, winter has a lower crime rate than the summer season, however, there has been some unusual crime events in the Washington Metro Area.  Alexandria and Prince William County both made the headlines this week when violent suspects approached the homes of innocent people.

Follow these simple safety rules and remember — if you feel any signs of danger — dial 911!

  1. Communicate about your whereabouts with trusted family and friends.
  2. Be aware of your surroundings. Always walk briskly when you are out and about. Conceal all valuables and only carry what you need.
  3. Stick to heavily populated and well-lit areas.
  4. Avoid unsolicited offers for help.
  5. When meeting someone out for the first few times,  consider meeting him or her at a public location instead of at home.
  6. When returning home, be cautious.  If you see anything out of the  ordinary, call 911.
  7. Examine your locks, door frames and window frames.
  8. Keep the house locked, even if you are home. Be cautious about opening the door to unknown visitors.   Consider using lights when you are at work or out-of-town to give the impression that someone is home.
  9. Take pride in your community. Contact the Police Department to present a safety awareness workshop for residents. Request a free security assessment of your home.
  10. Consider a security system for protection for your home.

Do you know of any additional safety tips?

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