8 Ways To Spruce Up Your House This Spring

Tips from the Experts:


Joe Levicchi, Co-Owner, Exterior Medics

— With the gorgeous Northern Virginia spring season right around the corner, it’s officially time to start thinking about sprucing up your home.

Here are a few great ideas on how you can give your home a complete spring time makeover.

1. Add Color To Your Metal Roof

Depending on the front elevation of your home, a large part of your roof is likely visible from the street. If your house has metal roofing, painting it with striking colors such as red, can easily accentuate your home exterior. Doing so can also be a form of preventive maintenance that can increase the life of your metal roof. There are specific types of paint made specifically for roofing systems formulated with coating ingredients that can protect your metal roofing from harsh weather elements.

Certain roof colors have a cooling effect and will help you prepare your house for the heat of the summer, saving you heaps of money on energy use. Painting your metal roof can be a difficult task without the proper tools and previous experience. For your safety and for the best results, it’s best to get in touch with roofing contractors in Northern Virginia who can help you choose the right color, assess and fix any damages before painting, and use paint products that will not wear off easily.

2. Freshen Up Your Wood Siding

One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to give your home a facelift is to repaint your wood siding. Before you start painting, clean your wood siding thoroughly and check for any damages. Repair or replace damaged wood siding and pick a color that will go well with your roof and window trims.

3. Paint Your Doors

Like your roof, simply adding some color to your door will greatly accentuate your home exterior. Paint your entry door, patio door, and even your garage door. Be sure to thoroughly prep the surface area before beginning (sanding, taping off edges, etc.) and take your time filling in the details. Our Northern Virginia home improvement specialists can help you coordinate colors and achieve the best finish for your door.

4. Repair or Replace Old and Broken Windows

With all the cold and gray days of the winter, we all miss seeing the sun. Check your windows for any damages the winter may have caused and repair them. You can also replace your old windows with modern window installations that are not only aesthetically pleasing but energy-efficient. Windows are the perfect way to welcome sunshine into your home.

5. Add Window Shutters 

Another great way to add a brand new look to your home is by adding window shutters. Window shutters easily adds a charming look to your house, perfect for the spring. If you’re planning to repaint your home exterior, window shutters can be painted with darker colors sure to add life to your color scheme.

6. Stain Your Concrete

If you have a concrete patio or front porch, staining your concrete is a great way to make your home look more lively this spring. There are several different options, such as acid staining or epoxy coating. Choose the right stain that will give your plot of land a bit of oomph.

7. Coordinate Lighting Fixtures and Exterior Hardware

A little mix and match does the trick! Coordinating your lighting fixtures and exterior hardware such as door knobs or porch fans can add the perfect finishing touch to your home exterior. It increases the appeal of your house without breaking the bank.

8. Replace Dead Plants 

If the harsh winter killed most of your plants, grass, or shrubbery, it’s time to revamp your flora. Planting colorful blooms and plants that thrive in the spring time will make your house look more lively and extra appealing. Leaving your dead plants as is, will make your house stand out for the wrong reason.

It’s almost time for spring! Don’t let your house be as dead as the winter this spring time. A little tweaking here and there can make a whole lot of difference when it comes to making your house look appealing.

If you want to explore your exterior home improvement options with professional contractors in Northern Virginia, don’t hesitate to give us a ring at Exterior Medics. Our team of friendly and experienced home improvement experts are always happy to help.

Guest blog by Joe LeVecchi, Co-Owner Exterior Medics


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