South Riding’s wild weekend of festivities and fun!

By Theresa Coates / SFMCNews  / Community Talk —

It started with a roar and ended with a KABOOM!  Celebrate South Riding’s annual festival was action-packed fun. Friday and Saturday was a smashing success for neighbors and friends!

Team SFMC volunteered and were in awe of the spectacular festivity display.  The blinking neon amusement rides soared in the sky.  Classics like the merry-go-round, ferris wheel and swings were the favorites. Children were thrilled to climb trees and rock walls to tower above the field loaded with excitement.

South Riding Dance and Union Tae Kwon Do put on great shows as part of the featured attractions.  The live animals were a hit with the crowd.  The garden butterflies fluttered, the farm animals raced laps, the camels stole carrots and the tigers and lion checked out the spectators. Even though the bull was only a ride, it was the biggest challenge.  Staying on the saddle for more than 30 seconds was a difficult feat.

Yummy food was plentiful from the massive snow cones to the deep-fried Reese’s peanut butter cup.  The sun-drenched crowd chugged chilled old-fashioned soda pop in the food court and ice-cold brew on tap in the beer tent.

Music echoed in the South Riding community as folks danced the night away to the C. Barnes Project, a 10-piece R&B band. But the highlight of the night was the blaze of fireworks that lit the sky during the blackout of the festival.

It was a grand finale to a great day of volunteers and community members coming together to celebrate South Riding!

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