Family Vacation Series: A Toddler’s Dream — Disney in a Day

By Theresa Coates / SFMCNews / LivingFirst —

Summer is in full swing — let the getaways begin!  Many families plan their summer fling months in advance.  Some busy families wing it and squeeze in a vacation when the time is right.

The Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida is a top choice for families with little ones.   Disney is the ultimate treat.  Discounts for hotels are always available, but be prepared to pay a hefty price from $93 to $99 for a day with Mickey. There are some special deals available such as the Disney 4-Day Military Promotional Tickets for just $169 each (plus tax) until September 27, 2014.

Laura, an elementary school guidance counselor, with two young sons, Colby and Jaxon, has been head of household for 8 long months while hubby has been deployed to the Middle East with the U. S. Air Force.  When an opportunity to visit family in an Orlando resort popped up, this mommy was on it — she was ready for a break!

Laura said, “It was a magical… planned in the spur of the moment.”

The mini-vacation for her toddlers included a surprise day trip to Disney with lots of hugs and kisses from their Nannie and Pop Pop. But careful planning to Mickey’s house was important for success — especially for only one day:



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