Top fall fashion looks in the neighborhood

By Carmen Thorpe, Writer | Theresa Coates, Editor | LivingFirst —

The Morning Walk

— The fall morning walks in Old Town Alexandria consists of warm boots on feet, hot coffee in one hand and a furry friend and leash in the other. The 8:00 a.m. hour is a charming hour in this neighborhood. It’s the time when everyone comes out and chats with their neighbors-in-passing after stopping at the local mom and pop beanery around the corner.  The sweet transition of summer to fall brings with it a sense of ease and comfort working its way into our neighborhood and our wardrobe.

People seem a bit more calm in the fall. Their chic clothing choice reflects the ease of the season. Just as the colors of a leaf transition from summer to fall, the display windows of boutiques follow suit. The summer mini-skirts and tank tops effortlessly change to cozy warm sweaters in cream, soft gold, and deep red for the season.

In the streets of Old Town Alexandria, the top notable fashion trends for the fall season include the following:

For the ladies strolling down the sidewalk:

  • Richly colored skirts.
  • Once again, black tights.
  • Smart fitted jackets.

For the men spotted in front of the local coffee shop:

  • A visor newsboy cap — the best way to warm a noggin.
  • Layers, rich in color.

Fall is one of the best times of the year.  The weather is comfortably perfect with fall festivities in your neighborhood and window shopping in the boutiques during a morning walk.


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