Viva South Riding VIPs!

By Theresa Coates / Team SFMC —

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Dice were rolling, tiny balls were spinning and playing cards were flying as South Riding Proprietary celebrated the VIPs that generously supported their community this year.

The center was decked out with red balloons and glittery streamers splashed everywhere. A spread of goodies galore were tasty treats for the residents, board members and staff circulating the rooms.

Fabulous Casino Night was in full swing as craps, blackjack, roulette and a raffle excited the lucky crowd. Wendy Taylor, General Manager, presented the Distinguished Service Awards to the top VIP members. Team SFMC mingled with the leaders of the community who were beaming with pride.

A toast to South Riding — for another year of a job well done!


About SFMC News

Premier commercial and residential community association management company in the Washington DC Metro Area for over 16 years.

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