February Is Here


Contributing writer: Carmen Thorpe —

February is here! They say the ground hog saw his shadow; so we know that there will be six more weeks of winter, and soon it will be time to cut out little paper hearts and give and receive chocolates and so on with the traditions in this glorious month of February. But, all this we already knew. However, did you know about some of the cool happenings in Alexandria this February?

If you are a “Foodie”–something cool to check out this winter–are the restaurants in Old Town Alexandria. They are celebrating George Washington’s infamous connection with cherries by incorporating them in dishes on their menus from January 27-February 10, 2015. Here is more information on this celebration of President George: http://www.visitalexandriava.com/events/George-Washington-Birthday-Celebration-Cherry-Challenge-/7416/

After you’ve sampled the delicacies Alexandria has to offer, take the family out to see the parade! Yes, there is a parade on February 16, 2015 that celebrates this very famous president of ours. Here is a link to all the details of the upcoming event: http://www.visitalexandriava.com/calendar-of-events/alexandria-george-washington-birthday/

In addition to the parade, listed above, there are numerous activities–in the link above– that are sure to capture your interests. For example, there will be a ball held on February 14, 2015 and it is a recreation of a time long forgotten; set in the year 1799. On the 16th there will an Adulteration of Chocolate tasting; drinks paired with the chocolates will be brandy, whisky, and a variation of wines.

So if you are ready to leave the house and seek out some adventure in Old Town Alexandria check out the links above and pick an adventure!

Ground hog photo credit: http://vishava.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Free-Groundhog-Day-Clipart-1.jpg

George Washington photo credit: http://homecookhost.homestead.com/files/images3/february.jpg

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