Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

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Contributing Writer: Carmen Thorpe–

Winter is clearly leaving its chilly mark on us; which is making us wish for sunnier days ahead but, while it has us captive why not make the best out of the situation? Remember, this season can be equally enjoyable as well as miserable.

Firstly, we can talk about how great it is, yes, the snow! If you are a snowboarder or skier of any type, this snow is perfect for those activities. So if you have four-wheel drive –and cleared roads– head on out to a local ski resort and hit the slopes for snow day fun. Here are a few ski spots in and around Virginia:

If on the other hand you prefer to stay inside, maybe making a stew, chili, or soup with a friend or loved one would be a more favored activity. Try out a new recipe and add your own twist to the dish, you are only limited by your own imagination, Bon appetite!

But, before you go out to ski or stay in to cook, don’t forget to clear the snow from your sidewalk areas before the night turns everything to ice. This link, from the weather channel, gives some awesome guidance on how to shovel the snow the “Right” way:

Happy snow day!

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