Still Winter

looking_up_through_trees_winter-t2A man skis across an intersection during a winter snow storm in Brookline

Contributing writer: Carmen Thorpe

Today it feels as if spring will never come because once again, Jack Frost has had his fun with us; he created icy roads, more snow, cancelled classes, and more. However inconvenient the weather may be, it is still very beautiful to look at, to glance outside your window and see the backdrop of your city covered in white is breathtaking. So, now that you have this time free available what will you do with it?  Here are some great ways you can enjoy the day!  Now, go out and enjoy these last few winter days, before we know it, spring will be here soon.

Don’t forget to put salt and sand down on your driveways and walkways so you don’t slip out there on the ice.

Also, if you are looking to tickle your funny bone, check out this article to see how some of the animals enjoy the winter work of Jack Frost.

Happy Snow Day!

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