It’s tax time! Top 5 missed tax deductions for homeowners

Contributing writer: Carmen Thorpe–– As the crunch time for taxes approaches us –April 15th– make note of some of the great tax breaks out there, just for being a homeowner! We’ve all seen the ads on TV that talk about “getting billions back …” , so what are some of the opportunities to maximize your tax return. For starters check your receipts and count your charitable donations, student loan interest and major medical expenses. Here are the top 5 overlooked tax deductions for homeowners– according to the IRS:

  • Home mortgage interest
  • Sales tax paid on your home
  • Deductible real estate taxes
  • Mortgage insurance premiums
  • Some energy–efficient mprovements

Click on the IRS link above to read more about each section listed in-depth. You can also click here to see what else you may have missed on your taxes according to huffingtonpost and here is another site –– that offers some great insight too! And always consult with a professional tax return preparer to answer your tax questions.

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