Living healthy tips for 2016

Contributing Writer: Andrea Lopez —

If one of your new year’s resolution was to loose weight here are some helpful tips that can help you accomplish your goal! Achieving your ideal weight can be tough if you have no motivation.

The first step to any successful and productive day is to get a good night sleep. Sleep is very important, doctors recommend that you get at least eight hours of sleep every day. Another helpful tip is to drink lots of water. If you have a sports water bottle or any regular water bottle you can mark dashes down the outside of water bottle and each dash will represent an hour (or your preferred time). Once it becomes that hour you must have the water level down to that mark. This will help you stay hydrated and on track with your water drinking goals.

Your smartphone can be very useful, click here to see a list of the top 49 Best Health and Fitness Apps of 2015.  Apps like these can help you keep track of the calories you consume, they can show you how much you run and they can show you new work outs. It’s like having your own personal trainer!

You will never have as much fun working out if you don’t do what you love. For example, if you passion is soccer, boxing or racket ball, then you should play that sport as part of your daily exercise. Playing a sport is a workout and it is also healthy for your mental well-being to interact with others. In the end, if you do what you love it won’t feel like a workout!

I hope these tips can help you achieve you goal, good luck!

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