Team SFMC Speaks at Bull Run Rotary

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SFMC is interested in building relationships between community association management companies and homeowners and their boards. On July 11th, SFMC’s founding officer and principal owner, George Ellis, spoke at the Bull Run Rotary Club meeting. The club helps their community through acts of volunteerism, and SFMC has been a sponsor in their events for the last two years. Ellis stressed that volunteerism and leadership is the key to a great community.

SFMC has experience working with several properties and has seen first hand how organization like the Bull Run Rotary can impact a community. SFMC manages 202 communities in Maryland, D.C., Virginia and is celebrating 20 years of service this year.

Like the Bull Run Rotary Club, SFMC also focuses on improving communities with their community management services. SFMC ensures that homeowners rights are respected, that leadership is established, and provides other essential services that help improve your community. SFMC will continue to work with organizations like the Bull Run Rotary Club to help community residents and to build stronger relationships.



Modern parks


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The rise of urbanization in Fairfax County has increased the need for more parks. The plan to build more parks was amended into the County’s Comprehensive Plan back in May 2013. The county hopes that these parks will bring community members together.

There are five different urban parks: pocket parks, common green, civic plaza, recreation focused parks, and linear parks. These parks satisfy different needs. For example, pocket parks are small open spaces intended for small social interactions. Pocket parks can either be hardscape or lawn. It can also include visual attractions such as art work. Common green parks are larger parks where people can host several activities at once. Civic plazas are hardscape open areas located near roads or intersections. Its open landscape can allows open markets, festivals, and other events to be hosted there. Recreation focused parks will have amenities such as fields, playgrounds, and dog parks. The last type of park is the linear park. This type of park is long and narrow and can be found in high interest parts of the County.