LivingFirst Blog

Contributing Authors:


Theresa Coates

Theresa Coates has been blogging for years about home life, family, style and business.  She has a lot of expertise under her belt, especially in family living.  You see, she has seven, that’s right, seven children and six of them are girls.

Theresa is a busy corporate communications professional, a mom, and wife who loves home projects. As a certified Master Gardener, she enjoys getting down in the dirt to design landscapes.

And speaking of dirt, Penny, her Brittany Spaniel, loves to dig holes in her garden — without the shovel.



Jillian Ellis

Jillian Ellis is a communication specialist with with expertise in social media strategy. With a background in the Denver real estate market, Jillian uses her networking talents to share SFMC news online and with presentations.

Jillian is currently a full time student in Virginia.She is a young professional with entrepreneurial spirit.



LivingFirst Blog

At SFMC, we care about the community.  Our primary concern is how we can serve your needs and because of that, we wanted to come up with more information to make your life easier.

On the LivingFirst Blog, we are going to bring you tips on decorating, home repair, gardening and recipes, plus anything else we can dig up that can help you in your daily living. We will also add some tidbits on working and juggling a home and family successfully.

SFMC believes that it is important to cater to the lives of community members.

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