Father’s Day Gift Guide

Image Source: essentialbaby.com.au

Photo by David Engledow (facebook.com/EngledowArtPhotography)

After conducting some research, we were able to compile a list of gift ideas that are perfect to show dad how much you love him.  Don’t forget, Father’s Day is June 16.

Perfect Gifts for Dad

-Any gear for the activities your dad loves.  Does dad golf?  Are his shirts looking worn out?  Time for some new ones!  Is dad a fisherman?  Set him up with a new tackle box full of supplies.  For dads who like to run, new running shoes and workout clothes are perfect.

-Homemade cards.  This is good for any age group.  Even if you’re “grown up,” nothing brings back great memories like a homemade card with a simple note on the inside.  Take the opportunity to go nuts with glitter, stickers, and markers.

-Dad’s favorite treats.  Does dad have a sweet tooth?  Bake him a bunch of his favorites and give them to him in a decorated box or bag.

-DVD/Blue Ray box sets of dad’s favorite shows or movies.  This one is pretty simple.  Does your dad love the Lethal Weapon movie series?  Go and find one of those “4-Movie Feature” packs.  Does he already own every movie he loves?  Then take him to the movies.  Make it a family event!

-Some down time.  Does he want to spend the morning washing his car?  Does he love to tinker in the garage?  Let him do it.  While he’s enjoying some down time, surprise him with his favorite lunch — either cook it or go out and pick it up for him.  He’ll love it.

-Tackle some of his chores for him.  Do the yard work and let him “oversee.”  Tackle some of the household “To-Do’s,” like replacing the batteries in the smoke detectors or something like that.

-Cool grooming products like “beard conditioner” or a neat shaving kit from The Art of Shaving.  Dad’s aren’t necessarily known for their love of beauty products, but nowadays there are all kinds of more “masculine” products that are actually pretty interesting.

Hopefully this list will help you plan ahead for Father’s Day.  Leave us a comment with what you plan to do for your dad this Father’s Day.

By Adrianna, LivingFirst Contributor