A dose of sunshine and southern hospitality

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The doldrums of winter have arrived.  Many folks head south during the winter holiday break to find some much-needed sunshine.  South Carolina is far south enough to provide a ray of sunshine — and history too.  Beaches may be a bit nippy this time of year, however some other options are available.

A favorite spot to spend outdoors in South Carolina is the Boone Hall Plantation, near Charleston.  The scenic homestead offers something for all ages. Cotton is growing near the mansion that is open for tours year round.  The working farm even set the stage for films such as “North and South,” “Queen,” and a favorite, “The Notebook.”

An open bus gives continuous tours of the property with animals and wildlife scattered throughout the property.  Slave quarters and reenactment exhibits are displayed on the plantation  A restaurant is nearby offering dishes from the farm’s own crops.  But the highlight of the historical property are the live oak trees lining the road to the gate.

The trees with moss dripping from the canopies are over 200 years old and have survived war and hurricanes of the area.  This must-see tourist stop provides true southern charm and hospitality.

What is your favorite winter escape trip?