Team SFMC climbs to the Virginia Leadership Retreat

By Theresa Coates / SFMCNews  / Team SFMC –

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Out in the middle of nowhere is a spectacular resort that hosted the Virginia Leadership Retreat this past weekend.  The Homestead 1766 emerged from the windy roads like a wall of luxury.  Trees as old as 1,000-years-old surrounded this historic site.

Hot springs, golf, tennis, hikes and waterfalls are just a few of the reasons to be outdoors while visiting the place that Thomas Jefferson soaked.  The President needed to relax and so did the community managers, lawyers and vendors of the Community Association Institute (CAI).

Education was also on the agenda with a schedule packed with topics from FHA issues, insurance risk to the power of habit. Speakers such as Casey Moore, The Productivity Coach, presented ideas to help busy professionals regain control of their work and lives.

Team SFMC relaxed after attending the sessions with horseback riding, heated mineral baths and guided tours offered by the staff of the grand lady in the mountains.