Fun things to do during a snow blizzard


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So you want to stay in your bed all day and cuddle with your blankets. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You can have a great day in this chilly, snowy weather! Here are fun and safe tips for you to do during the winter watches.

  • Watch classic movies/T.V. Shows – what a great excuse to have a movie marathon! Or even better —  Catch up on your favorite T.V. shows while drinking hot chocolate!
  • Make yourself a treat. Stock up on food and go to the grocery store the day before. I suggest making snow themed cookies. What better way than to just relax at home and enjoy some sweets.
  • Pamper yourself! Take a day off to just pamper yourself by taking a nice hot bath and treating your skin to moisturizing.
  • Exercise! Teach yourself a new routine for the winter. There’s many popular excising videos online and there’s a lot you can do from home! Try something new like yoga.
  • Last but not least, go sledding, build a snowman, and have a snowball fight! What a better way to have fun in the winter.

How do you have fun during a snow storm? Best wishes! Stay safe and warm.

Baby, It’s TOO Cold Outside

by Adrianna, LivingFirst Contributor 

Remember when Puxatony Phil told us that Spring was just around the corner? This biting cold and blustery winds are enough to make anyone doubt that groundhog’s “weather man” abilities.

When you’ve got a house full of children cooped up because it’s too cold to go out and play, it may seem like there isn’t anything you can do. Here at LivingFirst, we have some tips to help you find something to do with all of that energy.

1. Twister!
That’s right, play a game of Twister. If you don’t already have the game, it’s fairly inexpensive and is sold on, at Target, and at Wal Mart. A game of Twister is good for all ages. The older children will have fun tapping into their competitive sides whereas the younger ones will get practice in learning their “rights” from their “lefts.” The game doesn’t take up too much space, either.

2. Have a dance party.
When you sense the kids getting fidgity or restless, it’s time to find some upbeat tunes and encourage a little dance party. Be sure to join in, too. If you think it may get a little rambunctious, avoid that by designating a “leader” to lead the group in dance moves. Then have them take turns being the leader.

3. Do an art project.
This may not be the best way to burn off energy, but having everyone sit down and focus on coloring or drawing will offer you some much-needed peace and quiet. Help the kids find coloring pages online and print them out. Just Google their favorite animated characters, plus “coloring pages” and you should find some fun pictures for them.

4. Give everyone a project to do.
Have the kids go through their old toys or clothes and find things to donate. Set them up with boxes or big green trash bags and let them spend time cleaning and separating what they use and don’t use. Afterwards, go through everything with them, just in case they try and get rid of some clothes that they’re less than fond of. If that doesn’t sound like fun, maybe their playroom is a little messy. Have them organize their toys. This activity uses up energy and helps you!

5. Break into the board game collection.
Again, this won’t exactly burn off energy, but it will get everyone a little competitive and it will distract them from those “cabin fever” feelings. If you don’t have board games, try card games. Either way, it’s a fun activity for everyone to do together.

Leave a comment and tell us what some of your favorite indoor activities are?