CAI’s Large Scale Managers Workshop

As reported before, SFMC’s Paul Orlando attended CAI’s Large Scale Managers Workshop in Honolulu.  We got a chance to catch up with Mr. Orlando to ask him about his experience:

What was the one big “take away” from the Large Scale Managers workshop?

“The workshop was a great opportunity for networking.  Professionals from around the country are able to trade ideas and best practices and that’s a great take away from the experience.  We were able to visit some large scale communities there and talk about their best practices, too.”

How is managing a large scale community unique?

“It’s unique in that most of the operations are carried out by on-site staff as opposed to a management company.  There are also a lot of social and special events because of the size of the communities.”

What is the most challenging part of managing a large scale community?

“The sheer size — the number of homeowners and residents makes it challenging.”

What is the most rewarding part of managing a large scale community? 

“You really get to feel like a part of the community because you’re there so often.”

If you have any additional questions for Mr. Orlando about large scale community management, leave them in our “comments” section.

Pearls of Wisdom

Photo via

Photo via

Have you ever wished that there was a compilation of tips for living in or leading an HOA?  CAI published one.  It’s called “Pearls of Wisdom” and it’s available for download on their website.

It’s divided into sections and the sections are called:

  • Be a Good Homeowner
  • Be a Good Neighbor
  • Be a Good Board Member
  • Be a Good Leader
  • Have Productive Meetings
  • Work with Committees
  • Develop a Successful Budget
  • Seek Compliance with Rules and Deed Restrictions
  • Tenants and Kids, Parking and Pets
  • Working with Difficult Personalities
  • Foster Community Spirit
  • Know When it’s Time to Go

The tips are typically one to two sentences long, which makes for quick and easy reading.

Click on the photo above or click here to download.