Hail to the Dads of the SFMC family!

By  Theresa Coates / SFMCNews / Team SFMC —

They did so much!  Dads made funny faces at us when we were wee little things, worried about us when we took our first steps, baked cookies with us when they were babysitting, studied with us during those school days and missed us terribly when we became independent.  Most important of all — Dads created memories for us that would last forever!

As we grew up and maybe even had families of our own, fathers assumed the next role — grandfather.  That role is special too — slobber, high fives and special gifts — but grandfathers are lucky –they can pass on all the difficult responsibilities to the little bugger’s mother and father.

Team SFMC shared some favorite photos of the fathers in their lives — dads, fathers-in-law, grandfathers, sons and husbands.  So let’s hear it for the daddeos in our lives! Hoorah! And Thank Goodness for Fathers!

If you have any photos of your special dad, we would love to see them!  Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day from us at SFMC!

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We hope that all the dads out there are having a wonderful and relaxing day.  Above is a slideshow featuring the dads at SFMC.