Team SFMC News and Highlights


July Birthdays and Anniversaries

Happy Birthday to the following SFMC team members:

Coss Lumbe (7/5)

Alexis Heflin (7/9)

Barbara Rovin (7/13)

Mary Lockhart (7/17)

Justin Field (7/28)

Happy Anniversary to the following team members:

Coss Lumbe, who will be celebrating three years with the company on July 6.

Mary Lockhart, who will be celebrating one year with the company today (July 2).

Lulu Rodriguez-King, who will be celebrating three years with the company on July 6.

Lucy Shin, who will be celebrating six years with the company on July 16.

Congratulations Alexis Heflin!

Yesterday, it was announced that Alexis Heflin was promoted to the position of Administrative Services Manager.  This means that she will be responsible for the oversight and management of the Administrative Department and associated duties.  Congratulations again, Alexis!  Thank you for your excellent work.

Programs given by SFMC

At the end of the month, team member Paul Orlando will be given a program with attorney Allen Warren about amending documents, focusing on giving ability to associations to assess rules violation charges.  Allen will be covering the more technical aspects of course where Paul’s will be more about the process of assisting the board while it ponders the question, getting out the paperwork, etc.  He plans to make it like a “tips from the subject matter experts” kind of a thing.

We’re looking forward to hearing highlights from the program.

Around the Office — June 5

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Here are some photos taken at SFMC headquarters today!