Best brunch bonanza ideas

Shop til you eat!  Marathon holiday shopping on a Sunday morning can lead to a well-deserved brunch bonanza.  Scrambling to find a place that serves a yummy dippy egg with a side of toast, a fresh carved piece of ham, shrimp and a decent bloody mary can be a challenge.

What makes a great brunch?

  • Fresh seasonal fruit, especially strawberries — with a cool chocolate dipping fountain.
  • Made to order eggs and omelets — and a waitress that brings them to your table.  I haven’t found a place that performs this duty, but what a great idea!  I hate to wait in line with my plate.
  • A bloody mary made with hot sauce, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, veggies and a lemon speared on top with Old Bay seasoning on the rim is the best.  Cajun restaurants like Okra’s,  in Manassas, Va., advertise a brunch and can’t be beat for their Proud Mary.
  • Carving station with turkey, beef, or ham.  Especially the end pieces. Sequoia, a DC waterfront restaurant, offers views and meat slicing for your liking.
  • A place with atmosphere is preferred.   Artie’s in Fairfax, Va is a comfortable place with nautical themes and a warm environment.
  • Great staff.  A place where everyone will know your name is a diner. Diners usually serve breakfast all day, however, some offer a brunch spread too.  Ashton Family Restaurant, Manassas, Va. is a friendly diner with an intimate brunch and homey decor.

A brunch is a nice treat for catching up with family and friends during the Sunday holiday shopping rush.

What is your favorite brunch spot and why?