Storify: Team SFMC visits South Riding

On Saturday, Team SFMC attended the South Riding Business Expo & Yard Sale to introduce themselves as their new managers.  Below is a Storify, chronicling the social media coverage of the event.

Did anyone else attend? Did you get some pictures? Share them with us here or on Twitter!

We’re All A’Twitter

Social Media is one of the fastest growing ways to access and distribute information.  Being able to utilize this to better serve our communities was the number-one reason that SFMC chose to begin blogging and Tweeting.  What better way to serve our customers than by being able to give them up-to-the-minute updates about their communities in a highly accessible format?

We understand the need for convenient information and we believe that our communities deserve to have their information given to them in a personal way.  By blogging, we are able to keep you updated on what goes on at SFMC.  This will become helpful when it comes time to provide you with documents or news about communities.

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