Fun facts about St. Paddy’s Day

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St. Patrick’s Day is not just for the Irish.  If you wear green — for fear of being pinched — you are in the spirit of the holiday!  Parades are scattered throughout the country with pubs bursting with spirits. Enjoy the day, eat some traditional dishes, and do a jig to your favorite Irish tune.

Lucky to have Christie on team SFMC

Community manager, Christie, at SFMC headquarters.

Team SFMC Member, Christie at SFMC headquarters.

Here’s Christie showing off her St. Paddy’s Day spirit.  She has a good reason to celebrate! Christie was awarded EMT of the year for her volunteer work at the Yorkshire Fire Department.  And not only that — she held the title last year as well!

Christie shows dedication to her neighbors and as a community association manager at SFMC.   Congratulations!  A green toast to you!

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