Their back! College kids and new baggage

by Theresa Coates —

Some college kids are back home for the summer and they may have brought some extra baggage.  This can be a problem.

College kids are at the age when they make decisions on their own. They do independent acts like lease crappy college houses for the semester and try to budget their money.  Some have done things that their mom and dad have forbidden.  Like get a pet.  Or maybe even an exotic pet, like say a tegu named Gizmo.

Tegus look like big lizards or small gators and they like to roam — the house. As much as a parent may want to support their student’s interests,  a tegu is a bit hard to grasp.  They are creepy-looking.

Penny the family pooch seems intrigued by Gizmo.  A black and white speckled reptile can be a buddy to hang out with on the deck. The tegu loves the sun and the dog loves to watch for bunnies. However, Penny always has a curious eye on Gizmo.

Summer is a time for family members to come together to plan vacations around a bonfire, grill burgers and char marshmallows for s’mores. But most of all, enjoy the outdoors while praying that the dog and the inherited pet continue to be chummy.

Next dilemma: What to do with pets during vacation?  Who will pet sit a tegu?